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Depression UK
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This is a community primarily for the discussion / support of depression sufferers in the UK. Naturally, sufferers and their friends / relatives in other countries are welcome to join too, but note that any resources posted here are likely to be UK based.

Plugs for other services / communities are welcome, with one stipulation. If they're likely to help anyone, fine. If, for example, they go something like "OMG I just bought the cutest n00 sh00z and had to create a community to show you!!!!111!!one", then do us all a favour and take it somewhere else. If you're not sure, feel free to email me (jcaswell at livejournal.com), and I'll point you in the right direction :)

When posting your stories, please be aware of other members and try not to post graphic details or images that may trigger things in others. I know this may seem a little like censorship, and I don't like that, but ultimately this community was created with the intention of helping people wherever we can. That isn't always possible, and I know from experience that sometimes a rant is all that we need. However, graphic descriptions of self-harm attempts - and particularly pictures of them (whether posted or linked) are inappropriate for this community and will be removed.